Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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   The contents of your letter is most
interesting indeed. I am surprised
to hear that Zenas and Jose are
married. I had the honor of con-
ducting Zenass correspondence a
long time but had concluded he would
take Miss Langley, provided I
always knew he could get Jose
but presumed after a certain oc-
currence, between them he would
never have her. But I am glad
they are reconciled and united.
I think a better match could
no where be made. I always
liked Jose and Zenas was
a very particular friend of
mine, may their days be days
of happiness and sunshine.
    I think there is quite a contrast
between Zenas and his lady.
    My opinion is that James E. Rob-
inson and Miss Langley will
prove to be a happy and con-
tented couple. Both are in-
telligent, and I always think
persons of the same turn do
well together.
   Do I understand you to say
that Miss Bernice is married and
that Joe is in earnest. I think
Ned and Beck would make
a good match, and as for
Jim and Em. They are better

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