Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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suited to each other least better
than any other two in the world. I
always told Jim so, and though
Em at first entertained a little
(dislike for him) I could see
it fast wearing off on oc-
casion. You believe every
thing I tell you I guess, I feel
under many obligations to Mr.
Coldwell and his lady, and en
tertain the kindest feelings
for Mrs Cs Daughters, but as for
marrying, I have no more idea
of it now than I had when
I was eight years old, I tell
you one thing I will never
get married as long as you
and Pa will let me stay
with you, I intend to see clearly
through this world before I at-
tempt to haul any one else
over the rough road. I have
but two objects in view, the
first is, to please my parents,
and the second is to make
something of myself. The first
I expect to accomplish by doing
their will as far as is in my
power, and the second I am
determined to succeed in, (If I
live to return home) by close
application and hard study,

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