Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item3)
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I am glad you wrote that letter to
Mrs Coldwell, I wish you knew
how kindly that family treated
me. I received a letter from
Miss Fannie Bosworth, Mrs Cold
wells daughter, (the one I wrote about)
she told me her mother had re-
ceived a letter from you &c &c
&c and that you had asked
her mother to visit you &c &c,
I know the letter was just what it
should be. I hope you will get
acquainted with that family.
    I don't think I ever felt bet
ter in my life than I do this
evening. We are going to whip
the rebs, certain. Gen Rosecrans
told me that Gens Hooker and
Burnsides was coming to reinforce
him, and probably Sigel, and
with part of Gen Grants Army
which we are to have, where
will the rebs be, I ask where.
When we come nearly whipping
them on the 20th when they
more than doubled us.
     Heavy fighting was going on
west of us today, probably they
are trying to intercept Gen Hook-
er, who is on his way to Look
out Mountain I think in ten
days from today you will
hear of the enemy being flaxed
like forty.

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