Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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effects men differently. There is a
Col, in our Brigade who was
a Methodidist preacher before
he joined the army. I learn he
is now an exhort swearer,
and is improving in the service
or art as you may call it ev-
ery day. I know I ought to
quit swearing, and believe
I can. I am anxious for us
to give the rebs another trial, as
for myself, although I say
it, I never was seen to dodge
a bullet or shell on Sunday.
I actually got used to having
shell grape canister and bul-
lets hailed around me, I feel
as though I was doing my
duty, and while I rode from
place to place, on my horse.
I entertained no fears. I did
not expect to be enjured my-
self although I know not
how my pony escaped. He is
a tough little fellow and car-
ried me two days without wa-
ter or feed. I do not enter-
tain any fears for the future,
I shall always go into battle ex-
pecting to come out safe, and
believe I will. I am not one
of those who prophesies death for
himself. Lieut Mason, a particular

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