Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 1 October 1863
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd5 Item3)
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I thought of this Sunday the 20th inst
while in the hottest of the battle,
I know I may not return home,
but if I do not, and am killed
in battle, I hope to go to that
bright land. One of our pickets was shot
by the enemy from the other side of the
river, they were standing in a group
around the fire.
     The rain still pours down.
Give my best to all, I sent you a name
for the baby “Gordon Granger Aleshire” why
don?t Joe write. Rub might write
also, I wrote to Pa last night,
and sent him a plan of our
present situation.
    If Barb and Rach could see
my cook (Irvin) this evening they
would laugh till they would be church-
ed for it, he is overflowing with su-
perhuman dignity. The commissary
I guess tapped a new barrel this eve-
ning while he was drawing rations
but he is such a good fellow I would
not say a cross word to him for
any thing, and it is so damp I would
take a swill myself if I had it.
     I hear Miss Maddie is to be
married. I hope it is true, as
soon as she is married I will
come home (perhaps, only.)
                                  Your son
                                   Chas Aleshire

Direct to Chattanooga to follow Battery.
Our losses are now put at   15000 inclusive
The loss in our brigade          1117 inclusive

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