Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 23 November 1869
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tion is by the Schooner Malchter above referred
to. however our port is accessible by these
same steamers via Key West. where they
leave freight @c consigned here. which the
Maltcher brings here, So you may now send
me the box of fruit you have for me. if
sent as Pa sent the Hams & Flour it
^will^ come all right Kennedy &Co will un-
derstand how to reship it at New Orleans
Mark it. "C.C. Aleshire &Co, Fort Jefferson
Dry Tortugas Fla via Key West “alliance line of
steamers” this will insure its safe arr-
ival here. so far as address goes.
On my return here I found things
about as they were when I left. during the sum-
mer there were no deaths here from yellow
fever or any other cause, although one
man died of yellow fever on an adjoin-
ing key. not properly speaking an
adjoining key either as that would
this and that the same key. but on
a Key near by, about two miles distant
The day I left Savannah for this place
Bvt Maj. Cuyler 1st Lt of our regiment


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