Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 23 November 1869
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 By the mail which arrived day before
yesterday I received four letters from Venie
all quite long. She is considerably ex-
ercised about a report she saw in the
newspapers that our expedition was [?]
out for San Domingo on Cuba. and that
the [?] was ordered to stop here and
take the troops. I have seen no such
newspaper report. I only hope such is the
case. How I would like service in
the field again after a rest of
over five years- Since I left
home have been promoted three files.
Cpt Webb and Ft. Tompkins have resigned
and poor Cuyler has died. all ranked
me. I like promotion, but do not
want it by death of such officers
as Cuyler, Give my love to all I
intend writing Pa by the next mail, it
is my intention to write Mary yet
today. Tell Ned Joe and Rube to write
believe I owe both Ned and Joe letters
will write them soon, My love to Aunt
[?] Jimmy and Harry and Also to
Jenie and Walter and herletter
by Henry- Much love to yourself
              Your affectionate son
               Chas Aleshire

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