Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 31 March 1869
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the fifth Arty. was here for about
three years and I presume we
will be here about that length
of time. We are both very anx-
ious to see you all again we
have been absent from home
for nearly two years. Venie often
talks of how very much pleas-
ure she would have at home
among those who are near
and dear to her. She is anx-
ious to go home. yet can hard-
ly make her mind up to leave
me. in fact as yet she has
not done so but I never speak
of this in my letters unless she
tells me when she reads them
that I should say nothing
about it. So I presume the
following will be about as
reliable information as I can
give you upon this subject.
If she goes home. she goes if





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