Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 31 March 1869
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she no goes home. She no goes.
Venie has been troubled a little
during the past two days with
an attack of nuraegia I
think however it is in conse-
quence of a slight. but which
was only temporary
change in the weather day be-
fore yesterday it suddenly grew
quite cool. but it seemed only
to get hotter than ever again
The days are hot here. but
in the afternoon we generally
have a refreshing breeze. but
accompanying the breeze is a
dampness and by bed time we
find the bedding in fact wet.
sometimes it is necessary to
build a fire and dry the bed
clothes before we can retire
with any degree of comfort.
The surgeon however claims
that the dampness eminating
from the sea brings in not of a

[Remainder of letter missing]




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