Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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the first words I said to them
after the battle commence.
I rode along the line
telling them to "give them
hell,["] and that during the
last day, I swore harder
than they ever heard me
swear in all their life
before that day, and to
tell you the truth, I thought
an oath slipped out occasional-
ly but I thought under the
circumstances. I was very
modenate as I tried to be,
but I shall think of your letter
and endeavor to reforme from
this awful practise in the
     I have not received a latter
from Pa. for some time. I
am much pleased to hear
of his good health and ex
cellent spirits, I hope they
will last him many years to
come, and I dont want
you to be low spirited on
my account. I assure you
I am much better contented


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