Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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and happier here, than I would
be at home under the circum-
stances- and I will be much
happier when I know you are con-
tent. I had heard nothing of
the fortune left Mr.T Card what
is? As long as you will have
to camp out during the time you
are building if you will just
send Rick with Pete and the
Wagon down here. I will loan
you a half dozen Bell tents
which I have stored away
for winter next winter, provided
you promise to take good
care of them. As for com-
ing home while you are living
on Back Street. I do not
think you need look for me,
as I will never ask for
leave of absence, in the face
of the enemy unless I be
wounded or very sick, but
hope you [have] any amount of fun
while you be there.
     I had no lady correspondent
now but Kate and dont want
any, as I have concluded


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