Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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to remain silent on that
question for the next five
or ten or fifteen years to
come. dont you think it
possible advisable I will
only think the more of you
and sister Mary.
     Give my love to all. Tell
Barb and Rach if you con-
clude to send Rub[?] with the wa-
gon after those tents for one of
them to come along and Bill
Iron will show them how to
put the stove up in it and
where to put the cable and
where to put the boxes for
the grub and those kind of
things which will go rather un-
handy unless it is explained
to them fully. Bill has one
for a Kitchen in which we
eat also, he has now
moved the cooking stove
out doors. and has a fly
over it and things are
very comfortable- we had
possums ^ [drawning]^ for supper tonight

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