Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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write them if they would
answer my letter but they donot
do so, and I presume their time
is so occupied that they dont
want to be troubled with my let-
     Now just excuse my fast
writing. as I am only writing this
for you to read, and there des-
troy. I can say considering
by writing fast and when I
write slow I forget what I think
of before I get it down,
     I will now close. My love
to Pa, and Mary & all
the folks. Tell Barb and Rach
they may both come with Rub
if they want to do so.
     If you are disposed you may
name the baby Gordon G. Aleshire.
his signature thus
                  G. G. Aleshire however
suit yourselves and I will be suited
     Write soon
                  Your Son
                           Charles Aleshire
To his Mother
Mrs. R Aleshire      Chestnut send regards
                               to all

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