Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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     I see by the Newspaper that the tide
has changed, and is now rather in
my favor regarding Thompsons Station
I presume you have seen one article
in the Cin Commercial. another article
was in the Lousiville Journal equally
strong, and also articles in the
Pennsylvania Papers, giving me great
praises. I knew nothing of these ar-
ticles until I saw them and I
am convinced I have as many and
as strong friends right here in
the Army as Cols Coburn Baird
& others here.
     Lt. Bachman (who wrote the
first lie) is our ordinance officer
here, and I have considerable busi-
ness to transact with him. he would
get out of what he has done if he could
but he cant apologize be excused
by retracting.
     On several occasions he has
come and spoke to me in com-
pany. I told him I was compelled
to transact business with him, but
as I done that in a gentlemanly man-
ner. I did not wish him to take
advantage of it and speak to me


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