Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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or about me, only where business required
it & if he did. I would consider it
insult to added to injury, and treat
him accordingly. Since then I sent
to him for a few blanks and he
sent me quite a number but narry
compliments. What I mean by sending
compliments for instance thus, When sen-
ding an orderly "Give Capt Thomp-
son my compliments, and ask him
if the review of the Artillery will be
at the same hour it was last
Sunday and at on the same field"
that is the word I sent to Capt. T. Chief
of Artillery last Sunday by my
orderly and it is the accustomed
manner of sending[?] verbal orders,
where the officers are on friendly
terms- Verbal requests are very
common among officers who are
friends, but to all such men I
as Buchman I write to them al-
ways. I am the Sr. Artillery of-
ficer of Gen Grangers Corpse [Corps]. and
every sunday command all
the artillery on review. there are
but three batters here now.
the 9th Ohio, Millers Illinois and my


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