Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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Battery. last saturday Every part
of our battery three batteries was
minutely inspected and the
inspection report forwarded
to Gen Roscrans.
     I dont know as it is very
becoming in me to say so, but
Capt Thompson told it before
all the Com[pany]. officers of all three
Batteries that my Battery was
in much the best condition in
every respect, and he would
have to report it so.
     The officers of the 9th and Millers
on Illinois Batteries accuse Capt
T. of being partial to me, and
say he takes more pains to instruct
me, and in return he says
I take more pains to obey him,
and carry out his orders in
every particular, and he dont
know but what he should
be a little partial to the officers
who is partial to him. I like
him better every day- and
consider as he is an ^old^ officer of
the Regular Army. that he knows what
is right and that I can learn from him.


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