Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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We have been expecting an attack from Gen
Vandorn and his followers daily, but
as yet he has not made his appearance.
Every morning we are out at the first
rays of day light to receive him, I am anx-
ious to have him come for I
am confident that Generals Gran--
ger Baird and Gilbert can
give him perfect satisfaction. we
have now got Franklin in a con-
dition to fight on all sides and
more than that, we have the men
here to do the fighting and if
Gen Vandorn dont believe this
all he has to do is come and
see for himself. The soldiers
here all know that the rebels
would like to have Tenn. and Ky in
which to raise corps [crops?]. but Gen Rosecrans
dont intend they shall, and you
can take my word for it that
Gen Granger is equally determined
that they shall not drive him from
Franklin. Lt Bierce with fifty
of the our men. put a large


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