Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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there but in front of my tent
and were you here you were in
almost think I lived in a
beautiful cottage, rather than
a tent. The boys are always do-
ing something to ornament my
quarters. I believe I have as
good a set of men as ever
lived on earth, the very ones
who were the hardest characters
where on Gallipolis O. are now
perfect gentlemen Bill Figgins
Frank Carvin, Frank Walker,
Jack Gaurd und Bill Saugley
Al Cromley are all perfect
gentlemen, and there is no
better fellow than Bill Sum-
mers. So I might name over
fifty others who are equal.
My battery is to be filled up with
drafted men, but I believe
I told you this before.
     Now about the new house you
are going to build. I will only
make one suggestion. be sure
and build it far enough
from the street to favr a nice
yard in the front of it.


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