Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 May 1863
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when we get at it down here again
mind my words we will put an
end to it in this part of the
country for awhile. And I see
that Gen Hooker is marching
on Richmond. My prediction
is that he will take Richmond.
as he would have done had
he have been in Gen McClel-
lens  place when he attempted it.

My Dear Mother I do not want
you to think that your advice to
me is entirely unheeded regarding
the salvation of my soul. I do
try to profit by it but I can-
not quit swearing. I have tried
several times. But it is almost
an impossibility to do so.
I do not think I am a fre-
quent sinner otherwise. I am
shure I never intentionally wrong
anyone. I was under the impres-
sion that during the battle of
Thompsons Station. I did not
sware, much, but the boys


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