Charles Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 4 September 1863
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away When I went back again
I called at the Judges and
Mrs C. told me if I did
not stay with them While
I was in town ( except I was
invited elsewhere and wanted
to go.) She would get mad
in other words I must not
stop at Yaunceys. of course
there was no place I liked to
stay half so well as at Mrs
the Judges. She is a good woman
very intelligent and reminds me
more of yourself than any woman
I have seen since I left home
     The Judge himself is the leading
lawyer of the at the bar and
a most sociable man. has
an extensive practice and
is the present nominee for
Congress in this district and
will be elected if an elec-
tion is held, in the state
     Nor is this all. he has
two intelligent interesting
and highly accomplished
daughters, who have returned
from school from the north


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