Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 14 June 1867
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd6 Item3)
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 had a long interview last night
and I hear it intended that S.A.
Nash is going to Washington. and
what for I cannot conceive,
he is V's attorney. When I last
talked with him he thought
V.s best course was a com=
plete surrender and full con=
fession. I told him you and
I could not and would not
accept the crazy dodge. that
it was entirely too transparent
for us, whatever others might
think. I presume S.A. Nash
and Pa have agreed upon some
line of procedure. but this
matter must be fairly
settled. I want that distinctly
understood. Venie said something
wanting to enclose note in my
letter. Will write you if any thing
turns up. Presume you got paper
with proceedings of committee
last saturday. Your Bro.
                          Chas C. Aleshire




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