Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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one of the private came to me and
told me that Col. G. had excused
him from fatigue. before he had
even entered upon the duty. I
wrote the Post Adjudant protest
ing against the practice of ex-
cusing men going direct to the
Post commander and being ex-
cused without making their
application through me as comp-
any commander. the reply to
my letter was an order placing
me under arrest. I was under
arrest for five days. during
the time the Post Commander
through his adjudant addressed
me two letters asking me to
make apology. I replied both
times that I had done noth-
ing to apologize for. and had
no apology to make. the se-
cond time I replied in this
manner he issued an order



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