Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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not help noticing how cheerful
old baldy seemed as I passed
him in the hall, I could not
account for it but I went to
my desk and there I found as
usual several official documents
among others one in Old Baldys
own hand writing. ( I now take up
that thread that was dropped and
again go back to the house fixing bus-
iness) No wonder old baldy looked
bright. I knew why it was as soon
as I read his letter. he thought he
had found the way to have his
house fixed. His letter directed
me to apply the funds that was
appropriated for fixing the mens
barracks in the letter from the
Q.M. General to fixing his house,
this was a position order and
of course I could not go be-
hind it or question his right
to countermand the orders
of the Q.M. General. So I wrote
immediately to my chief in the
Qr. Master department at Bos-
ton advising him of Old Baldys


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