Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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dont know but I would not
be at all surprised if he had
to change his pants a number of
times that day. the old fellow
looked bad. those locks he is
accustomed to combining over
the bare part of his head seemed
disinclined to to [illegible] where
they were placed. the soldiers
thought old baldy was beat
again and bound to drop the
house question. But old Baldy
was not to be baffled in that
manner. he made one more mas-
terly effort to have his house
repaired. he wrote me a letter
and told me unless I did re-
pair his house as I had been
previously instructed that he
would disapprove my papers.
My only reply was that I could
not fix his house without an
order authorizing the expenditure



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