Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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of the funds necessary to do it that
all that was required was the order
that I had plenty of money and
that all I wanted was authority
to expend it. Old Baldy said no
more about the house. but waited
patiently for the time to come when
he could have his revenge by dis-
approving my papers as he had
threatened to do. Finaly the Time
arrived when I place my
Qr. Masters ^papers^ before him for his
approval such of these as he re-
quired his action the old fellow
approved them all and returned
them to me. and demanded
my money papers. which are
never laid before the C. Officer
(the ones he wanted I mean) these
were the papers he wanted and
he called also for certain abstracts
and papers that had been-
abolished long ago and others
substituted for there. which I
submitted to him. I replied
to his demand for my money
papers that I had transmitted


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