Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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Thomas' Staff where he commanded
the Army of the Cumberland. I knew ^him^ in
very well then but have not met
him as I remember now. Since
the last Battle of Nashville.
I am also acquainted with sever
-al of the other members of the
Court and do not have the
least fear of the result of my
trial. I intend making the
best defense I can. Have
my statement already pre-
pared. I will send you a copy
of the order publishing the
proceedings of the court in
my case. Venie seems to take
the matter quite to heart, but
I have looked at the whole
affair in the most unfavor-
able light myself and
say candidly I do not fear
the result of the trial in
the least. I have consulted




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