Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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both Gen. Casy and Gen.
Thom friends of mine and I
have shown them the charges
against me. and Explained
the whole case and they both
say I have nothing to fear.
     Gen. Casey is after Old Baldy
and says he will be Court
Martialed himself it is his opin-
ion. before long. After my trial,
I will cause Col. G. to open
his eyes myself. I can sustain
grave charges against him
if I undertake it. this per-
haps you will see for your-
self from the forgoing chap-
ters of this narrative. here I
will drop this subject for the
present. will write you more
about it next time, I dont
want you to let the folks at
home know anything about
this. You know if Ned should



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