Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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 it. I am under arrest being the
second time I have been placed
in arrest by Neds celebrated
bald headed Colonel or rather
Bvt. Colonel, Gibson.
    I presume you are aware that
I have been acting Asst Q. M.
here at this post. the first dif-
ficulty I have with old baldy
(as he is familliarly called.) was
concerning the means of Trans-
portation under my charge, I
had ten horses. Col. G. was in
the habit of sending his ser-
vant boys direct to the stable
and getting horses to ride with-
out my knowledge. I wrote
a letter to him and informed
him that it was contrary to
the regulations of the army
and detrimental to the in-
terests of the service and that
if he retained me in the po-



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