Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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 sition of A.A.Q.M. that I
would insist upon having
the practice discontinued, he
paid no attention to my letter
of protest but sent one of
his big black bucks to the
stable for a horse and he
took one of the horses and
rode it so hard that it [illegible]
in the [illegible]. I happened
to see the aforesaid buck
ride in the fort and I went
to the stable and spoke to
him about the severe man-
ner in which he had ridden
the horse. he gave me some
of his lip and I took a club
to the aforesaid buck ^but did not hit him^ and
^he^ simmered down instant-
ly. he went to Col. G. crying
and Col. G. sent for me and
proposed to settle the mat-
ter I supposed by having



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