Charles Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 22 October 1867
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twenty four hours. revoking the
aforesaid order and giving me
entire charge of all the means
of transportation. of course he did
not do this of his own accord
the Inspector General told him
if he did not do so that he would
get into trouble. Col G. felt quite
sore over this. but there was no
longer any question about trans-
portation. No more nigger buck,
riding public horses without
my permission. here endeth
the first lesson.
     It is necessary that I should
say a word before I enter up-
on the second chapter of this
narative to enable you to under
stand it, The Qr. Master Dept.
is a very nice branch of the Mil-
itary government, in fact the
Qr. Master does not only carry
the pocket book but he is in-



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