Edward Aleshire to Margaret Shepard Aleshire, 11 April 1865
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  The struggle was long and
bloody but right finally
triumphed-- In addition to
this Lee's celebrated army
has surrendered to that old
invincible hero Grant-- you
may look for us home
this fall. as I feel confi-
dent that the war will be
over by that time. They cer-
tainly cannot hold out
longer It is madness for
the Rebels to fight any more--
It would be suicidal--
a sacrifice of life when there
is no prospect under the
heavens of accomplishing
anything-- Anyhow, Charley's
Battery will be mustered out
this coming September by
virtue of expiration of their
time-- and of farthest our
Reg only has to serve one
year from that month
so you should look on


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