Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 13 June 1878
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item2)
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it be on wheat or flour=
make the profits when you can
[illegible] the stock= The astounding
revelations as to Mary & Jewelry has
doubtless been given you by Pa & Charley
Prim Morgan still absent & by this
[illegible] is doing splendidly. has
made a noble [illegible] for himself
and also gotten himself into a
scrape for the will send him
once the Calc your route now
first to Kanawha & then Pomery
bend & then Pksbg & Wheeling
& Stuebenville= Folks are all well=
I let them all read your letter=
not running mill now= fixing the
water tank= put new frame under
it L&C= Same old wheat Coming
forward still= bot N. Kennedy Esq
today drawn CK 200 bus choice .90c=
If we can not make Money now
oen had better quit.
                            Your Bro
                                E Aleshire

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