Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 15 June 1878
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item3)
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  Jan will [illegible] see that House
sales lose no money=  In fact the
Eastern Sales are all making money
now=  The house had letters from
Pt. Pleasant & Middleport Mills asking
us about price of new wheat
& .75c is settled upon as the very
outside figure=  If we dont
make money this year & lots
of it we had better quit the
milling business=  R.A. does not
approve my idea of mortgaging the
storebuilding= But says instead one
can take the Joe Armgton notes
to N &Co & get that amt there=
However this in good time=
If I had property I would do
it, I think, yet as he says our
BK has never asked any security of
no & it would not be treating them
right not to first tell them what
we proposed doing any how= As
he never has mortgaged he had
[illegible] never [illegible] But I am
for cheap money, though it might
incline am [illegible]= I doubt it=
Jenie & children all  }       Your Bro
well send their love  }       E Aleshire

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