Edward Aleshire to Joseph Aleshire, 5 June 1878
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(Ms4 Bx1 Fd9 Item1)
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 make another trip about June 20th
ought to & will if possible or else
send Perrn= Guess I will try
him for I ought to stay here to
manage the finances= My trip
upset me & not so easy to asume
the thread= You would laugh to
see us "York" the frugal farmer=
Pa today got off your favorite
expression "that the worse you
treated them the better they liked you"=
If wheat is not [illegible] No. 1 we
[illegible] them= all the mills Pomeroy
Middlesport Cheahim[?] & Pt. Pleasant are
down to 90c now 90 & 95 & will
stick to go here & no deviation=
we are in for making money=
will buy so as to ship & realize
or know the reason why=
Folks all will=  Dr. Sauns is treating
one=  Says same as yours but not
chronic like yours= I wash three
times a day & take some cussed medi-
cine inwardly= Col Vance rides out=
Crutches always in carriage with him!!!
I send you Journal Bulletin
                      Your Bro
                             E. Aleshire

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