Carlos Bozzoli, Professor of Art at University of Buenos Aries, researched this Guide while he was a John D. Drinko  Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Marshall University during the Spring Semesters 2002 and 2003. He completed writing the guide in 2005.

Lisle Brown, Curator of Special Collections at Marshall University, edited the Guide, bringing it into better vernacular English, as well as creating the tours’ PDF files for the Virtual Museum. He also developed and designed the web edition of the guide for the Virtual Museum.

Don McMillian, local author who has written books on the history and architecture of Huntington and other communities, read a draft of the Guide, offering corrections and insights that helped made it a better product.

Keith Dean, professional architect, read over the Guide and offered corrections that improved the Guide’s accuracy.

Alan Gould, Director of the John D. Drinko Academy, brought Dr. Bozzoli to / Marshall University and supported his research into the Guide. He also gave permission to place the Guide on the University Libraries’ Virtual Museum.

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