A postmark is placed on a letter, package, or postcard indicating the post office, date and time that the item was entered into the postal system. A modern postmark is often applied simultaneously with a cancellation mark which indicates that the postage stamp has been used. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably. C. Clifford Caverlee sought to collect the postmarks for all post offices in West Virginia.





WV Post Ofiices



Here are some West Virginia post offices with unique names

R e d  H o u s e
P i e
U n e e d a
L o o n e y v i l l e
B o z o o
P i n k
D i n g y
T w l i g h t
S m o k e  H o l e
S k u l l  R u n
L i t t l e O t t e r
O d d

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