A village and post office on the left bank of the Kanawha River in Putnam County on land granted to George Washington in 1773. It is on WV State Route 62.
    The name, as well as the nearby Red House Shaols in the river, is derived from a precipitous and perpendicular red rock, some 450 feet high, which rises behind the town.
    The name is also attributed to a red house built by Joseph Ruffner. 




R e d  H o u s e
P i e
U n e e d a
L o o n e y v i l l e
B o z o o
P i n k
D i n g y
T w i l i g h t
S m o k e  H o l e
S k u l l  R u n
L i t t l e  O t t e r
O d d



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