Painting of CSS Alabama


Miller. Photographic History of the Civil War, Vol. 6,  p. 301.

        3rd Assistant Engineer
          Simeon W. Cummings

      C.S. Navy, C.S.S. Alabama

  Cummings, born in Connecticut,  moved to Louisiana and served in a coast-line steamship company before joining the C.S. Navy in 1861. Although a Northerner by birth he was an ardent Rebel. He accidentally shot himself with a shotgun at Saldanha Bay, South Africa, on August 3, 1863, and quickly died. Originally buried at Saldanha Bay with full military honors, his remains were removed in 1994 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars. After hundreds of mourners passed his casket at Elm Springs, he was re-interned at Columbia, TN.

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