Painting of CSS Alabama

US Navy Historical Center Photograph No. NH66650

              1st Lieutenant
          John McIntoch Kell

      C.S. Navy, C.S.S. Alabama

  Kell joined the US Navy as a midshipman in 1841, serving on a number of ships, and saw combat during the Mexican War. He resigned his commission and joined the C.S. Navy in 1861. He was Capt. Semmes’ first office on the CSS Alabama. After the sinking of that ship in 1864, he was promoted to Commander, and assumed command of the ironclad, CSS Ricmond.  He wrote an account of his service on the Alabama for Century Magazine. He also wrote a book-length account of his war experiences: Recollections of  Naval Life (1900). After the war he settled in his home state of Georgia, becoming a farmer. He died in 1900.

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