Painting of CSS Alabama

Miller. Photographic History of the Civil War, Vol. 6,  p. 301.

           Assistant Paymaster
       Clarence Randolph Yonge

       C.S. Navy, C.S.S. Alabama

 Yonge was born in Georgia about 1833. He traveled to England and worked as a clerk with Capt. James D. Bullock in Liverpool, acquiring vessels for the Confederate Navy. After the CSS Alabama was built, he signed on with Capt. Semmes as Assistant Paymaster. While docked at Kingston, Jamaica, he communicated with the U.S. Consular Office. Semmes had him arrested and dismissed from the service, putting him ashore on January 24, 1863. In April of that year he prepared an affidavit against his former comrades, who considered him a spy and traitor. He was listed as living in Baltimore in the 1880 federal census .

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