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November 14, 1970 ... Remembered

Memorial of the 1970 Marshall University Football Team Plane Crash

Jerry Smith photo


Jerry Smith, the flight's First Officer, was from Stone Mountain, Georgia. He was born September 11, 1942, and was a graduate of Druid Hills High School, Decatur, Georgia, where he was on the wrestling team. He had worked for Southern Airways since April 12, 1965, accumulating 5,872 hours of flight time--with 1,196 hours in the DC-9. His commercial pilot certificate was number 1581568 with airplane single-engine land and instrument ratings.  He completed his last proficiency check on July 14, 1970. His FAA first-class medical certificate was issued on November 5, 1969, and his second-class medical certificate was still valid at the time of the accident. At Southern Airways he had flown in the DC-3, DC-9, and the Martin 404. He was 28 years old when he died. He was survived by his wife, Linda, and a son, Scott.

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