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November 14, 1970 ... Remembered

Memorial of the 1970 Marshall University Football Team Plane Crash


Robert L Hamlin, (picture at left) was the Production Manager at WHTN-TV in Huntington and was to have accompanied Kenneth E. Jones, Sports Director at the station, with his brother Lloyd Hamlin, who was the Chief Photographer, on the plane. The day of the flight the Director of News called in sick, so Robert said that he would stay in Huntington to be the Director for the news casts that day. Due to that change Lloyd said that he would just stay behind too just in case something happened that needed to be covered. That night the two brothers were both part of the televised coverage about the crash. Robert called home from the TV station and told his wife, Charlotte, that the Marshall plane had crashed and it looked really bad. Charlotte asked if anything was known about Kenneth Jones. Her husband said, "No, not yet," and she started to cry. Later he called her again and told her that all were lost in the crash before it was announced on television.

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