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November 14, 1970 ... Remembered

Memorial of the 1970 Marshall University Football Team Plane Crash

Robert Scott photo


Coach Tolley asked the Rev. Robert Scott, Catholic Pastor for the Marshall University's Campus Christian Center, who was the football team chaplain, to accompany the team for the East Carolina game. Tolley wanted him to give the team his blessing and sit with them on the bench. Scott attended all the team's home games, but his ministerial duties of celebrating Mass on Saturday nights prevented him from accompanying the team on away games. So, he turned Tolley down. After the crash he ministered night and day to the many people affected by the tragedy, as well as attending the numerous funerals. He offered a prayer at the memorial service held at Fairfield Stadium the Saturday following the plane crash. He continued to serve as the chaplain for the 1971 football team, the Young Thundering Herd.

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