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The Marshall University School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SOJMC) is one of only 112 ACEJMC-accredited programs in the country. The SOJMC offers seven areas of study for undergraduate and graduate students: broadcast, print, online, or sports journalism, advertising, public relations, and radio-television production and management.

A decrease in the SOJMC development foundation and scholarship accounts, as well as the cuts made to state funding, has limited the funding for the SOJMC's needs. The School needs your help. Donating to the SOJMC supports the School's efforts to increase the level of quality of the education for the students in it receive at Marshall University. This, in turn, improves the quality of journalism and mass communications' messages, not only in the greater Huntington area, but also across the country. Supporting future journalists and mass communicators creates an opportunity to keep communities connected with the issues that matter most.

Consider supporting the future of journalism and mass communications by donating to the School.

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