Mathematics Department Colloquium

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The Mathematics Department, with the College of Science, also sponsors talks as part of the Advanced Research Initiative.

Fall 2016

  • September 21. Michael Schroeder (Marshall University): A Survey of Graph Decompositions. Abstract.
  • October 10. Richard Ehrenborg (University of Kentucky): Mathematics and Magic. Abstract.
  • October 11. Richard Ehrenborg (University of Kentucky): Counting Permuations with Calculus. Abstract.
  • October 26. Elizabeth Niese (Marshall University): Combinatorics of symmetric functions. Abstract.
  • November 16. Scott Sarra (Marshall University):
  • November 30. JiYoon Jung (Marshall University):

Spring 2016

  • January 26. Avishek Mallick (Marshall University): A Look at Permuatation (a.k.a. Randomization) Tests. Abstract.
  • February 24. Carl Mummert (Marshall University): Incompleteness in mathematics. Abstract.
  • March 7. Shubhabrata Mukherjee (University of Washington, Seattle): Introduction to Genetic Epidemiology in GWAS era. Abstract.
  • March 8. Shubhabrata Mukherjee (University of Washington, Seattle): Genetic analyses of late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Abstract.
  • April 6. Anna Mummert (Marshall University): Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases. Abstract.
  • September 2. Michael Schroeder (Marshall University): Tournaments: Scheduling Them Fairly and More! Abstract.
  • September 28. Nick Loehr (Virginia Tech): Rook Theory 101. Abstract.
  • September 29. Nick Loehr (Virginia Tech): Sweep Maps and Bounce Paths. Abstract.
  • October 21. Micheal Otunuga (Marshall University): Stochastic Modeling of Energy Commodity Spot Price Processes. Abstract.
  • November 4. Martha Yip (University of Kentucky): Coloring, the Algebraic Way. Abstract.

Spring 2015

  • February 4. Elizabeth Niese (Marshall University): What do trigonometry and combinatorics have to do with each other? Abstract.
  • February 17. David Cusick (Marshall University): 350 Years of Service ... and Then Pffft! Abstract.
  • March 4. Gregory Moses (Ohio University): Clustering and Stability of Cyclic Solutions in the Cell Division Cycle of Yeast. Abstract.
  • March 27–28. MAA Ohio Section Meeting at Marshall University
  • April 14. Judy Day (University of Tennessee): Modeling the host response to inhalation anthrax to uncover the mechanisms driving risk of disease. Abstract.
  • April 15. Judy Day (University of Tennessee): Determining the what, when, and how of therapeutic intervention strategies for controlling complex immune responses. Abstract.

Fall 2014

  • September 3. Carl Mummert (Marshall University): Is that a Prime Number? Abstract.
  • September 17. Laura Adkins (Marshall University): Interactive Regression Models with Centering. Abstract.
  • October 1. Michael Schroeder (Marshall University): Latin squares and their completions. Abstract.
  • October 15. Xue Gong (Ohio University): Clustering and Noise-Induced Dispersion in Cell Cycle Dynamics. Abstract.
  • November 5. Richard Brualdi (University of Wisconsin–Madison): The Gale-Berlekamp Light-Switching Problem and a Permutation Variation. Abstract.
  • November 6. Richard Brualdi (University of Wisconsin–Madison): All Things Bruhat: Matrix Bruhat Decomposition, Complete Flags, Bruhat Order of Permutations, (0,1) and Integral Matrices, and Tournaments. Abstract.
  • November 19. Bismark Oduro (Ohio University): "Designing Optimal Spraying Strategies for Controlling Re-infestation by Chagas Vectors". Abstract.

Spring 2014

  • March 10. Jeffry L. Hirst (Appalachian State University): Alan and Ada'a Theoretical Machines. Abstract.
  • March 11. Jeffry L. Hirst (Appalachian State University): Reverse Mathematics, Graphs, and Matchings. Abstract.
  • April 9. JiYoon Jung (Marshall University): The topology of chain selected complexes of a poset. Abstract.
  • April 11. Lingxing Yao (Case Western Reserve University): Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Biological Applications. Abstract.
  • April 14. Stephen Flood (University of Connecticut – Waterbury): Path, trees, and the computational strength of a packed Ramsey's theorem. Abstract.

Fall 2013

  • October 2. Lynne Yengulalp (University of Dayton). Topological completeness. Abstract.
  • October 30. Roger Estep (Marshall University): Filtered leapfrog time integration with enhanced stability properties. Abstract. Robert Hughes (Marshall): Agent-based modelin of pandemic influenza. Abstract.
  • November 18. Thomas Mathew (University of Maryland-Baltimore County): The The Assessment of Bioequivalence: A Statistical Overview. Abstract.
  • November 19. Thomas Mathew (University of Maryland-Baltimore County): Methodology and Some Applications. Abstract

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