Mathematics Courses Offered This Semester

This page lists courses that are being offered during the current semester. Also available: Department of Mathematics Course Catalog (all courses) and the Schedule of Courses. Schedules are also available showing when upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses are planned for future semesters. The authoritative source for course information is the Marshall University Catalog.

MTH 122 - Plane Trigonometry
Definitions of circular functions; graphs to trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, and applications.
3 hours
MTH 127 - College Algebra-Expanded
A brief but careful review of the main techniques of alge- bra. Polynomials, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Graphs, equations and inequalities, sequences.
5 hours
MTH 130 - College Algebra
Polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic func- tions. Graphs, equations and inequalities, sequences.
3 hours
MTH 132 - Precalculus with Sci Applica
Functions used in calculus including polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric. Systems of equations and inequalities, conic sections, polar and parametric equations, sequences and series, Binomial Theorem.
5 hours
MTH 140 - Applied Calculus
A brief survey of calculus including both differentiation and integration with applications. Not to be substituted for Mathematics 131 or Mathematics 190.
3 hours
MTH 225 - Introductory Statistics
Introduction to statistical analysis.
3 hours
MTH 231 - Calculus/Analytic Geom III
Analytic geometry of two and three dimensions, partial dif- ferentiation, and multiple integrals.
4 hours
MTH 491 - Senior Seminar
Capstone experience in reading, doing, writing and speaking mathematics. Students will explore topics related to a theme chosen by the instructor. (PR: MTH 301).
2 hours
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