Mathematics Courses Offered This Semester

This page lists courses that are being offered during the current semester. Also available: Department of Mathematics Course Catalog (all courses) and the Schedule of Courses. Schedules are also available showing when upper-division undergraduate and graduate courses are planned for future semesters. The authoritative source for course information is the Marshall University Catalog.

MTH 100 - Prep for College Math A
A mastery-based course that will prepare students for quantitative reasoning courses in their major.
3 hours
MTH 102 - Prep for College Math B
A mastery-based course that will prepare students for college algebra.
4 hours
MTH 102B - Abr Prep for College Math B
An abridged mastery-based course that will prepare students for College Algebra.
1 hour
MTH 122 - Plane Trigonometry
Definitions of circular functions; graphs to trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, and applications.
3 hours
MTH 127 - College Algebra-Expanded
A brief but careful review of the main techniques of alge- bra. Polynomials, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions. Graphs, equations and inequalities, sequences.
5 hours
MTH 130 - College Algebra
Polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic func- tions. Graphs, equations and inequalities, sequences.
3 hours
MTH 140 - Applied Calculus
A brief survey of calculus including both differentiation and integration with applications. Not to be substituted for Mathematics 131 or Mathematics 190.
3 hours
MTH 225 - Introductory Statistics
Introduction to statistical analysis.
3 hours
MTH 229 - Calculus/Analytic Geom I (CT)
An introduction to calculus and analytic geometry, emphasizing critical thinking. Limits, derivatives, and integrals of the elementary functions of one variable, including transcendental functions.
5 hours
MTH 491 - Senior Seminar
Capstone experience in reading, doing, writing and speaking mathematics. Students will explore topics related to a theme chosen by the instructor. (PR: MTH 301).
2 hours
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