Senior Capstone Course

The mathematics senior seminar, MTH 491, is the capstone course for the mathematics major. Each student completes a senior project, which is usually a research project but may be an expository paper. Each student also prepares an oral presentation on his or her project; these presentations are given near the end of the semester.

The research topics for senior seminar are almost unlimited. Recently, students have written capstone papers on mathematical physics, complex analysis, game theory, geometry, numerical analysis, and other topics.

Students who have arranged for an internship at an outside company may use this to satisfy their capstone requirement. These students should contact their departmental advisor well in advance of the internship to make arrangements.

Recent Undergraduate Capstone Projects


  • Brittney Baisden, Methods of Determining Voting Power. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese.
  • Tyler Bonnett, Treating Binary Data with Modified Poisson Regression. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Ricky Campbell, Orthogonal Latin Squares. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Sam Cogar, Modeling the Effect of Perturbations on Riverine Level Metabolic Dynamics. Advisor: Dr. Jeff Kovatch (Biological Sciences).
  • Arleigh Dickerson, Proofs of the Hook Length Theorem. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese.
  • Mark Foster, Statistical Imputation. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Andrew Henrichs, Applications of Adaptive-Step Numerical Methods To A Problem In Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics. Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra.
  • Rebecca Hovemeyer, Left, Center, and Right. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Croix Keener, Systems of Equations on the Differential Analyzer. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Madison McGraw, Modeling the Nizhoni River. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.
  • Christian Myers, The Five Color Theorem. Advisor: Dr. Mike Schroeder.
  • Jordan Paris, Breaking Subsystems in Cycle Systems. Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder.
  • David Poole, The Differential Analyser. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Brenna Pringle, Optimizing Winning Strategies in Basketball.
  • Joseph St. Clair, Accuracy of TrueSkill using Discriminant Analysis. Advisor: Dr. Avishek Mallick.
  • Heather Ross, Analysis of Variance for the Poisson Distribution. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Skye Smith, Different Methods of Modeling and Forecasting Mortality.
  • Brian Stilgenbauer, Thue’s Theorem on Circle Packings. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Katie Straub, Two-dimensional Symmetry Groups. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.


  • Kelsi Halbert, Methods of Linear Programming. Advisor: Dr. Alan Horwitz.
  • Katie Hendricks, Vedic Mathematics.
  • Zach Hunter, Long-term Implementation of Genetic Diversity in Disease Modeling. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Rob Jenkins,Social Network Analysis of the Enron Email Corpus.
  • Collin Meadows, Proofkit: The Digital Proof Teaching Aid, Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.
  • Chris Means, Electrostatics on Time Scales. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Matt O'Neal, Fractional Calculus: A Brief Look. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Laura Smiley, The Fractal Dimension of Regular Fractals.
  • Jeff Strachan, Ramsey Theory. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Natalie Taylor, Mortality Tables and Pension Plans.
  • Steven Alley, Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences. Advisor: Dr. John Drost.
  • Hannah Brewer, Modeling Resilin in the Praying Mantis Strike. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Amanda Craft, Spherical Platonic Solids and the Two-Colorability of a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.
  • Cameron Loader, Analysis of Logistic Regression for Prediction. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Spiro Stilianoudakis, Pierre de Fermat and his "Last Theorem". Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.


  • Ayo Akinsete, Degrees of Skewness. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Alexandria Amorim, Modeling Predator-Prey Population Cycles of the Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Miranda Asbury, Complements of Graphs from Row and Column Orthogonal (0,1)-Matrices. Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder.
  • Courtney Bell, A Second Look at the Frenet-Serret Apparatus for Curves on a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judith Silver.
  • David Facemyer, The Hybrid Phonoriton in Organic-Semiconductor Heterostructures. Advisor: Dr. Q. Huong Nguyen, Department of Physics.
  • Lindsay Hansen, A Mathematical Look at Meteorology. Internship, WSAZ Meteorology.
  • Allison Kelley, Poisson Regression Model. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Michael Lyden, Pattern Avoidance. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese.
  • Mallory Price, Data Analysis of Respiratory Rates of Freshwater Mussels in Declining Oxygen Conditions. Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Kovatch, Division of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Jeremy Samples, The Frobenius Number and its Modern Connections to Society. Advisor: Dr. John Drost.
  • Amanda Sellers, The Effect of the WTO on a Country's Imports. Advisor: Dr. Rishav Bista, Division of Finance and Economics.
  • Brittany Whited, Modelling Gravitropic Curvature in Pea Stems. Advisors: Dr. Marcia Harrison, Biological Sciences, and Dr. Scott Sarra, Mathematics.


  • Jeremy Brooks, Predicting the Offensive Play Calling of the 2011 Marshall Thundering Herd Football Team. Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete.
  • Jamie Burchett, Counter-steering on single-track vehicles. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Stephen Deterding, Differential Equations on the Complex Plane. Advisor: Dr. Evelyn Pupplo-Cody.
  • George Chappell, The Fundamental Correspondence. Advisor: Dr. Peter Saveliev.
  • Jack Goodman, Riemann Surfaces. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Brittany Massie, "Optimal" Blackjack Strategy and the Mathematics. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Derek Muskgrave, Ulam's Spiral and Its Diagonals. Dr. John Drost.
  • Samantha Skelley, Time Scales Calculus and the Differential Analyzer. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Sean Sovine, The Implicational Logic of Reverse Mathematics. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Kacie Sutton, Discretizing the SI Epidemic Model. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Leah Treadway, Conics Graphed on a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judith Silver.


  • Maggie Elizabeth Chenoweth, The Mathematics of Numerical Computing.
  • Anthony Michael Hernandez, The Mathematics of an Interferogram of a System in Motion During a Brief Time Interval.
  • David Hines, Particular to General: An Introduction to Time-Scales Calculus.
  • Alex King, Von Staudt Theory: The Synthetic Treatment of Imaginary Elements within Projective Geometry.
  • John Linville, Improvements in Titanium-Dioxide Thin-Film Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.
  • Tyson Joseph Lipscomb, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems: A Revolutionary View of the Nature of Mathematical Pursuits.
  • Chad Lott, A Study of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
  • Andrew Merritt, Time Scales and the Cantor Set.
  • Carla Ramirez, Game Theory and the Question of Work: Modeling Economic Work Decisions in West Virginia using 2-Person Non-Zero Sum Games.
  • Kole Shannon, Fractals: Mandelbrot's Gift to the World.
  • Kevin Western, Different Picture Planes of Perspective.
  • Jewelia Williams, The Effects of Multiple Representations on Mathematical Academic Performance.
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