Undergraduate Research

Recent Undergraduate Capstone Projects


  • Ricky Campbell, Orthogonal Latin Squares. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Sam Cogar, Modeling the Effect of Perturbations on Riverine Level Metabolic Dynamics. Advisor: Dr. Jeff Kovatch (Biological Sciences).
  • Mark Foster, Statistical Imputation. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Andrew Henrichs, Applications of Adaptive-Step Numerical Methods To A Problem In Nonlinear Chemical Dynamics. Advisor: Dr. Scott Sarra.
  • Rebecca Hovemeyer, Left, Center, and Right. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert.
  • Madison McGraw, Modeling the Nizhoni River. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver
  • Christian Myers, The Five Color Theorem. Advisor: Dr. Mike Schroeder.
  • David Poole, The Differential Analyser. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence.
  • Brenna Pringle, Optimizing Winning Strategies in Basketball.
  • Skye Smith, Different Methods of Modeling and Forecasting Mortality.
  • Katie Straub, Two-dimensional Symmetry Groups. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver


  • Kelsi Halbert, Methods of Linear Programming. Advisor: Dr. Alan Horwitz.
  • Katie Hendricks, Vedic Mathematics
  • Zach Hunter, Long-term Implementation of Genetic Diversity in Disease Modeling. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Rob Jenkins, Social Network Analysis of the Enron Email Corpus.
  • Collin Meadows, Proofkit: The Digital Proof Teaching Aid, Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.
  • Chris Means, Electrostatics on Time Scales. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Matt O'Neal, Fractional Calculus: A Brief Look. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Laura Smiley, The Fractal Dimension of Regular Fractals.
  • Jeff Strachan, Ramsey Theory. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert
  • Natalie Taylor, Mortality Tables and Pension Plans.
  • Steven Alley, Fibonacci and Lucas Sequences. Advisor: Dr. John Drost.
  • Hannah Brewer, Modeling Resilin in the Praying Mantis Strike. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.
  • Amanda Craft, Spherical Platonic Solids and the Two-Colorability of a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judy Silver.
  • Cameron Loader, Analysis of Logistic Regression for Prediction. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins.
  • Spiro Stilianoudakis, Pierre de Fermat and his "Last Theorem". Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert.


  • Ayo Akinsete, Degrees of Skewness. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Alexandria Amorim, Modeling Predator-Prey Population Cycles of the Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Miranda Asbury, Complements of Graphs from Row and Column Orthogonal (0,1)-Matrices. Advisor: Dr. Michael Schroeder
  • Courtney Bell, A Second Look at the Frenet-Serret Apparatus for Curves on a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judith Silver
  • David Facemyer, The Hybrid Phonoriton in Organic-Semiconductor Heterostructures. Advisor: Dr. Q. Huong Nguyen, Department of Physics
  • Lindsay Hansen, A Mathematical Look at Meteorology. Internship, WSAZ Meteorology
  • Allison Kelley, Poisson Regression Model. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Michael Lyden, Pattern Avoidance. Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Niese
  • Mallory Price, Data Analysis of Respiratory Rates of Freshwater Mussels in Declining Oxygen Conditions. Advisors: Dr. Jeffrey Kovatch, Division of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Jeremy Samples, The Frobenius Number and its Modern Connections to Society. Advisor: Dr. John Drost
  • Amanda Sellers, The Effect of the WTO on a Country's Imports. Advisor: Dr. Rishav Bista, Division of Finance and Economics
  • Brittany Whited, Modelling Gravitropic Curvature in Pea Stems. Advisors: Dr. Marcia Harrison, Biological Sciences, and Dr. Scott Sarra, Mathematics


  • Jeremy Brooks, Predicting the Offensive Play Calling of the 2011 Marshall Thundering Herd Football Team. Advisor: Dr. Alfred Akinsete
  • Jamie Burchett, Counter-steering on single-track vehicles. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Stephen Deterding, Differential Equations on the Complex Plane. Advisor: Dr. Evelyn Pupplo-Cody
  • George Chappell, The Fundamental Correspondence. Advisor: Dr. Peter Saveliev
  • Jack Goodman, Riemann Surfaces. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Brittany Massie, "Optimal" Blackjack Strategy and the Mathematics. Advisor: Dr. Laura Adkins
  • Derek Muskgrave, Ulam's Spiral and Its Diagonals. Dr. John Drost
  • Samantha Skelley, Time Scales Calculus and the Differential Analyzer. Advisor: Dr. Bonita Lawrence
  • Sean Sovine, The Implicational Logic of Reverse Mathematics. Advisor: Dr. Carl Mummert
  • Kacie Sutton, Discretizing the SI Epidemic Model. Advisor: Dr. Anna Mummert
  • Leah Treadway, Conics Graphed on a Sphere. Advisor: Dr. Judith Silver


  • Maggie Elizabeth Chenoweth, The Mathematics of Numerical Computing.
  • Anthony Michael Hernandez, The Mathematics of an Interferogram of a System in Motion During a Brief Time Interval.
  • David Hines, Particular to General: An Introduction to Time-Scales Calculus.
  • Alex King, Von Staudt Theory: The Synthetic Treatment of Imaginary Elements within Projective Geometry.
  • John Linville, Improvements in Titanium-Dioxide Thin-Film Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.
  • Tyson Joseph Lipscomb, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems: A Revolutionary View of the Nature of Mathematical Pursuits.
  • Chad Lott, A Study of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
  • Andrew Merritt, Time Scales and the Cantor Set.
  • Carla Ramirez, Game Theory and the Question of Work: Modeling Economic Work Decisions in West Virginia using 2-Person Non-Zero Sum Games.
  • Kole Shannon, Fractals: Mandelbrot's Gift to the World.
  • Kevin Western, Different Picture Planes of Perspective.
  • Jewelia Williams, The Effects of Multiple Representations on Mathematical Academic Performance.
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