Toward Directed Sequential Self-Assembly of DNA Based Nanostructures
Imaging of SS DNA Complexes by Lab of Michael Norton
Imaging of Pancreatic Tissues and Cultured Cells by Jai Parkash in the Rhoten Lab
Microscopy of Cytoskeleton: Ava Dykes / Gary Wright
Material Science with SEM
Biological Ivestigation with SEM
Survey of Autofluorescence in the Wings of Dragonflies Pachydiplax Longipennis and Erythemis Simplicicollis With Emphasis on Costal Morphology as Related to Flight Mechanics
Imaging HIF785 Cells
Endocrine Disruption in Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) of the Ohio River Basin
Comparison of Age, Size, and Reproductive Status in Desmognathus quadramaculatus
Elemental Analysis of Unburned Matches by SEM/EDS for Forensic Comparison
Studies on an Iron Meteorite found near Blacksburg, VA