M.U. SEM facility



Spider silk (left) and wasp eye (right) demonstration images from unknown species. Note the mild electron beam damage (squares) on the wasp eye.



      At left is a strawberry leaf with stoma visible. At right is an arabidopsis leaf; small gold beads are apparent. These were coated with nucleic acids and fired from a ‘gene gun’ in an attempt to locally transform the transcriptional activity in the plant.    
The left column are the fungiform papilla of a rabbit tongue, the right column are those from a rat tongue
      At right is an sem image of the proximal tibia of P.americana(cockroach) showing the campaniform sensilla. Above is a high mag view of a sensilla (Zill lab).    
Hydrogen producing cyanobacteria from the lab of Dr. Markov
    Biofilm organisms grown in a bio-reactor or collected on glass substrates placed in local streams (Somerville lab).    

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